What is my training like?  

Well, my approach is not prescriptive. I won't tell you what to do, after all you are the best expert on your own situation and environment. 


But I will, provoke your thinking, challenge your ideas and support you in making the changes you want to make. 


I write my own training material, based on up to date thinking and best practice so my portfolio continues to grow and evolve, as the workplace continues to change. 


I work with: 

team leaders


team members

senior managers

managing directors

those working remotely

project managers

...... and anyone else who is engaged in the fascinating, challenging and flexible world-of-work.


... some training themes to think about 


Getting the best out of others

Growing the culture you want

Engaging your team

Developing YOUR style

Leadership that works



Understanding change

Making the most of change 

Growing with your customers

Adapting and thriving

Change again!

Personal Development

 Getting things done

Managing the tough bits

Solving problems creatively

Building relationships

Communicating well - everytime

Managing Teams

Teams that think

Managing performance

Team engagement 

Developing autonomy

Understanding motivation

What people have said.....

Mark Crabtree, Asst HR Director at Durham University

“Sam is an energetic, enthusiastic and engaging facilitator and one who consistently maintains the balance between challenging and pushing participants whilst supporting them on their learning journey. Sam is also able to provide the underpinning theories relevant to the programmes she leads and is able to explain these to participants using examples which they can relate to. This enable those that attend the programmes to see the relevance of theory and how this can inform their management and leadership practice and behaviour.”

Nick Mapletoft, Managing Director at Nimis Limited

“Since 2010, Sam has been engaged with Nimis on an Associate basis for many assignments spanning Consultancy, Coaching, Training and People Development. Sam has an aptitude for developing people and understanding client needs that makes her stand out from hundreds of other trainers. Assignments have achieved or surpassed expectations. Through Nimis, Sam has delivered a training programme for a leading North East food producer/retailer with “Outstanding” delivery and results (Sam’s official Ofsted rating under the Common Inspection Framework). From a pilot with 13 supervisors and managers, the client has decided to invest in training for all 230 members of staff. 

Definitely “Outstanding”, I have no hesitation in recommending Sam.”

Cynthia Jackson, Practice Manager, Priory Medical Group

"Sam has an approach which is very interactive, she has the ability to "tease" the answers out of the client.  She encourages reflection and questioning of your own beliefs and values encouraging a "can do attitude" when you can't to see the wood for the trees.  She does not confuse with a lot of theory her approach is practical and gets good results."

Sharon Hardy, HR Manager, GeoTeric

"Sam worked with a group of 10 employees within our organisation who are incredibly diverse in terms of nationality, experience and disciplines. She delivered an excellent leadership programme which all participants enjoyed and benefitted.  Sam’s energy and ability to engage with a wide range of people in a very authentic manner is a rare quality. She has a natural curiosity and a desire to understand the dynamics of the business and in doing so , is able to tailor her approach to the organisation. I would highly recommend Sam as a leadership trainer and/or coach."

So the question is..... What do you want to be different?

If you know exactly what you want or would like to chat about some ideas......